Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nic-Nac - an inspiring story of determination and love

Kylie Mowbray-Allen spoke at the Bangalow Business Women’s event in September 2011.
Kylie Mowbray-Allen is the principle product designer, salesperson and proud owner of Nic-Nac Nappywrap, which sells a range of products to make life easier for new parent’s throughout Australia, New Zealand and the world.  As well as running this busy business, Kylie’s husband sustained an injury resulting in quadriplegia 4 years ago and they have a young daughter, so she is also a carer, mother, wife, cook, cleaner; a challenging balancing act for anybody.
In the Nic-Nac studio located in Bangalow, NSW; she feels very fortunate to work mostly school-hours, in an industry which keeps her inspired and challenged, yet able to be there for her family.  For Kylie, the opportunity to be actively involved in her daughter's life, care for her husband; and work in a business that she is passionate about - is a wondrous life.  Sometimes challenging, but always worthwhile!  Kylie has determination to succeed in abundance, despite the daily challenges she faces.
In business it is easy to alternate in waves of optimism and pessimism when national and overseas media negatively impacts consumer sentiment. Consumer sentiment affects our sales cycles and we're such herd animals, we tend to contract these moods from one another through our networking.  Australia has been the most resilient country amidst global economic uncertainty and we are the envy of other developed countries outside of our shores - so why are we not more positive? 
This brings me back to Kylie as an example of accepting things as they are; and determined to succeed because she sees no other option that will build a secure future for her family.  
Kylie does many things that all small businesses should be doing to drive growth in the current retail environment.  She:
  • Uses data and customer insight to reach customers effectively
  • Competes in the digital world and continues to develop her expertise in online marketing
  • Works hard at creating a good online experience for customers
  • Is vigilant about her customer service standards and delivery
  • Is testing and trying new marketing approaches to educate herself and gauge impact
  • Understands that despite negative hype, that there is underlying demand for her products 
  • Competes on value and service
Nic-Nac is an inspiring story of determination founded in love - for Kylie, family comes first, appreciating the moments, and realising that "there is always, always, always something to be thankful for."
You can find Kylie’s range of products to make life easier for new parent’s at and join her growing community on Facebook at

About the Author:  Teresa Bassham is a Marketing Coach and owner of Zenworkz Authentic Marketing; inspiring and educating small and medium business to think, create, engage and optimise their marketing efforts.

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  1. Thanks for this! I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at the BBW breakfast last September ... and find the BBW an awesome and inspiring group to be part of. It's helped my business in so many varied ways. Cheers! Kylie :-)